New Sustainability Milestone! - Pixie Mood Vegan Leather Bags

New Sustainability Milestone! - Pixie Mood Vegan Leather Bags

Sustainability is IN and we've got a new milestone to share. Here at Pixie Mood, our goal is to transparently show you the steps we're always taking towards greater sustainability. This ranges from being 100,000% vegan and cruelty-free to being climate positive and utilizing the most sustainable processes and resources available every season.


Fall 2022 - 1,227,068 bottles recycled.

As of Fall 2022 by using recycled vegan leather and lining, we have upcycled 1,227,068 bottles to date. This is an incredible milestone to us and to our customers so that we could all feel good about looking great.


Did you hear that we’re GRS certified?

What does this mean? In order to be GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certified, our recycled materials have met stringent production requirements on both environmental and social fronts, from the collection of waste to the final recycled product. This certification allows us to be transparent with you, so that you can shop mindfully.


So, how do we use recycled bottles to create our GRS certified recycled vegan leather?

1. Plastic bottles are collected and recycled into recycled polyester chips.

2. Recycled polyester chips are spun into recycled polyester yarn.

3. Recycled yarn is woven into a fabric.

4. The recycled fabric is covered with 2 protective PU layers: base and coating.

5. The recycled vegan leather is complete!

6. Time to make Pixie Mood bags!


And why should you care that Pixie Mood uses recycled bottles?

It is our Pixie Promise to minimize our environmental impact without compromising style. We’re constantly curating collections to encourage conscious purchases that put people and planet as top priority. Sustainability is a key part of our core values and we’re not stopping any time soon.


Want to know more about our commitment as a brand to operate ethically and responsibly? Take a look through Our Story and Sustainability Initiatives or reach out to if you have any questions.