Celebrate Nurse’s Week 2023 With Pixie Mood - Pixie Mood Vegan Leather Bags

Celebrate Nurse’s Week 2023 With Pixie Mood - Pixie Mood Vegan Leather Bags

From the entire Pixie Mood team

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for nurses who consistently inspire us with their dedication, bravery, and kindness. Although we believe that every day is an ideal time to honour nurses, we are particularly grateful during National Nurses Week.

Why We Care - A Note From Our Pixie Mood Co-Founders

Nurses Week holds a special place in our hearts. It is a heartfelt reminder of the extraordinary impact that nurses have on the health and safety of our friends, families, and communities. During COVID, we saw firsthand the unwavering commitment and selflessness of these remarkable individuals, who put their own lives on the line to keep us all safe. Let's celebrate and honor the critical role that nurses play in our daily lives.


NYGH Nurse’s Week Vendor Fair 2023

The Pixie Mood team had the most amazing time at the North York General Hospital Nurse’s Week Vendor Fair. As a brand all about being kind, we are thrilled to have given out over 300 gifts and prizes to the amazing nurses who make a difference every day.  What’s more, all of the bags given away were made with vegan leather that is produced with recycled plastic bottles!

“I am so grateful to have been able to be a part of such a wonderful celebration. I had so much fun meeting and gifting prizes to all of the nurses and NYGH staff. It was nice to be able to give back as someone who has so many nurses in her life.” - Sophie, Marketing Team

"Our time spent at NYGH for Nurse's Week was an amazing opportunity to celebrate all the hardworking and dedicated nurses/caretakers and to spread some Pixie love! We all had so much fun with the spin wheel at our booth, the NYGH staff and nurses really bring their contagious energy and excitement wherever they go!" -  Daisy, Marketing Team

As a brand rooted in compassion and kindness, it was a very special day for us to be able to give back and support Nurses Week at NYGH.  We had an amazing time and we hope all the nurses enjoyed their time with us at the booth and felt our genuine appreciation for all that they do!” - Chloe & Kelvin, Cofounders

Q & A

We wanted to be able to share some tips and tricks on how to support the nurses in your lives, so, we asked multiple nurses a series of questions to get some insight straight from the source! Here are some of the responses we received:

Q: What does Nurse's Week mean to you?

A: Nurses week, to me, is a time for us nurses to celebrate our profession together. A time to reflect on our goals, achievements and challenges.
A: The role we take on every shift as nurses is difficult. We carry the burden of one of the toughest professions and are not always valued in the moment. Nurses week shows me that there is appreciation for the essential work we do everyday. It is a time to celebrate our dedication.

Q: How can family and friends help support the nurses in their life?

A: Help with small tasks at home like cleaning, laundry & cooking, so that we can spend more quality time with family and friends when we are off.
A: Give them a BIG hug. Not even only during nurses week, everyday is the perfect time to give any nurse you know a very big thank you for continuously showing up for those around them. It is nice to feel appreciated for doing something you are so passionate about.
A: Check in on us! We nurses don’t always have the energy to ask for help when we are at home, ask for us! Communicate with the nurses in your life to determine what you can do to help, we are all different.

Q: Can you share your best self-care tip as a Nurse?

A: I simply try to make sure that I treat myself with the same care that I do for my patients.
A: My best self care tip as a nurse is my “post-shift shower”. This is where I release any built up stress or emotion that I haven’t been able to confront throughout the day. I cry, scream, and sometimes even laugh! Our day to day work as a nurses can affect our mental health and emotional well being at home, so, taking time to wash all of the negative away after work let’s me refresh and gives me the confidence that I can show up and give the best care to my patients the next day, the same way I did today.


Thank You

We want to, once again, thank all nurses for their hard work, patience and care. We are so grateful for you all.

Happy Nurse’s Week 2023!