5 Vegan Influencers We’re Obsessed With - Pixie Mood Vegan Leather Bags

5 Vegan Influencers We’re Obsessed With - Pixie Mood Vegan Leather Bags

Being 100% vegan has been a core value of ours since day one of Pixie Mood. From 2010, our founders Kelvin Ho and Chloe Ho were adamant about creating handbags that did not harm animals by only designing with vegan materials that are completely cruelty-free. 

Not everyone’s vegan journey begins like this, though. Usually, veganism refers to the way of life that involves choosing alternatives to animal products. This could include anything from your diet to your clothing choices, by ensuring that they do not contain or harm any animals.

Going vegan can be a gratifying experience, as well as one that can begin gradually. You could start your vegan journey by attempting Meatless Mondays, a movement that has helped people cut back on meat consumption and make healthier decisions from the beginning of every week. Making more sustainable and cruelty-free choices in your wardrobe is also a great place to start, like swapping out your leather bag for a vegan leather alternative. Every decision, no matter how small, contributes to the conservation of our plant and the animals that inhabit it.

Another way to transition to the vegan lifestyle could be to find like-minded people who can help inspire and encourage you to do the same. This can motivate you to stay on track and help guide you through this exciting experience with an insightful community to back you up.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of 5 vegan influencers who inspire us (and we know will inspire you too!) to check out a more thoughtful and vegan way of life.


1. Remy Park (@veggiekins



One of our favourite vegan and gluten-free (GF) girls, Remy Park is no stranger to veganism. With tons of lifestyle, fashion, and vegan recipes on her Instagram, YouTube and TikTok accounts, we can’t help but constantly check back for all new updates. Upbeat and personal, Remy has a way of connecting with her followers by welcoming us into her life (and its highs and lows) like introducing us to her inspirational journey of becoming vegan.


2. Afia Amoako (@thecandianafrican)



Looking for wholesome, exciting vegan recipes? Then look no farther than Afia. With a West African flare, her feed is full of meals that are colourful, healthy, and best of all tasty! She also has values based in sustainability, and took an amazing trip to Ghana recently. Her posts are fresh, crisp, and informative, and she even has a YouTube channel and blog that you can check out for more content!


3. Molly Tranchin (@fashionveggie)



With a lifestyle that is entirely authentic and completely her own, Molly introduces us into her world of being a plant-eater, fashion lover and mother. Her Instagram and FashionVeggie blog is encouraging, real, and an honest place to go for body love and acceptance—especially when it comes to social media and motherhood. Her positive outlook is infectious and she truly is a vegan influencer we can get behind!


4. Cristina Delmaestro (@purelycristina)



With a gorgeous feed and stunning meals to match, this Vancouver-based student promotes simple recipes, wellness and health through her Instagram and TikTok accounts. Cristina does an amazing job of connecting with her audience through easy to follow recipe tutorials over Reels that are mouth-wateringly necessary to recreate. With an airy and positive feed, we always look forward to her next post and recipe. 


5. Toni (@plantbasedonabudget)



Author of Plant-Based on a Budget & The Friendly Vegan Cookbook, Toni has a delicious feed that is completely vegan and budget-friendly to boot! With simple recipes and healthy plant-based alternatives to just about any meal you can think of, Toni has created a passionate following and vegan community. These vegan lovers also extend to her second Instagram account, @toniokamoto, where she shares more lifestyle content about her family on a personal level.

Let us know about your favourite vegan influencers who inspire you below!


Written by: Katie Ferreira



Katie Ferreira is the Social Media Specialist at Pixie Mood. Overseeing much of the team's communication and writing needs, she also manages and edits the blog. Outside of work, she loves reading, yoga and visiting the cottage in her downtime.