12 Reasons Why We Love Working At Pixie Mood - Pixie Mood Vegan Leather Bags

12 Reasons Why We Love Working At Pixie Mood - Pixie Mood Vegan Leather Bags

The results are in.

Since day one, our founders Kelvin & Chloe set the company value standards to…

“Do everything out of kindness”


- Be kind to the ANIMALS

- Be kind to the PLANET

- Be kind to our CUSTOMERS

- Be kind to our PEERS

- Be kind to our BUSINESS PARTNERS


So, while celebrating these last few days of our birthday month, we really wanted to chat with our team to see why they truly love working at Pixie Mood. What better way to share what our team had to say than to curate a list of responses from all of our team members including the 12 top reasons they love working at Pixie Mood.


1. The Pixie Mood team culture of kindness and respect.

2. Alignment with brand sustainability values.

3. An incredible system for hybrid work conditions, balancing collaboration and individual work.

4. Always giving back to the people, the planet, and the animals.

5. Each and every person on the team is a team-player and so hardworking.

6. Constantly supported in our roles from all angles (colleagues, management, etc.) even in the busiest of times.

7. Positive and transparent working environment where employees are treated as valued team members.

8. Environmental sustainability and climate-positive operations, always!

9. We learn something new every single day!

10. Making a difference in the world while providing vegan accessories to without compromising style or function.

11. Being around passionate and talented people which keep us motivated to keep doing what we’re doing.

12. Proudly female-led and Canadian!


We’ve compiled this list from many of our team members including: our Co-founders, Head of Operations, Graphic Designers, Social Media Manager, Account Coordinators, Customer Experience and E-Commerce Managers. We could not even make this up if we tried and it made us that much more proud to be the brand that we are today and for all of the growth and good things to come. Cheers to 12 years of Pixie Mood. Cheers to you!

Happy Birthday - 12 Years of Pixie Mood

Want to know more about our commitment as a brand to operate ethically and responsibly? Take a look through Our Story and Sustainability Initiatives or reach out to info@pixiemood.com if you have any questions.