11 Reasons to Love Pixie Mood - Pixie Mood Vegan Leather Bags

11 Reasons to Love Pixie Mood - Pixie Mood Vegan Leather Bags

Pixie Mood has officially turned 11 years old! Celebrate with us by learning 11 fun facts about our brand and find all new reasons to fall in love with the best vegan leather handbag company.


1. We're a female run and co-owned company


Husband and wife duo, Kelvin and Chloe Ho, founded Pixie Mood in 2010. Since the pandemic, our team has been female-lead, extremely resourceful and diligently working from home. We are proud to have such a tight-knit community of strong, passionate women to help make Pixie Mood everything that it is!


2. We're Canadian



Pixie Mood is based in the multicultural city of Toronto. We are proud that our team reflects our city's diversity! This photo was taken during our first official outing since 2019 and it was the first time we got to meet some of our newest members in person.


3. We're 100,000% vegan & cruelty-free


From the beginning, we have made it our mission to create bags that have yours and the planet’s best interest in mind. Crafted from 100% vegan materials and shipped in biodegradable packaging, we always ensure the pieces we design are kind for the animals, the people and the environment. That is our #PixiePromise to you! 


4. All lining is made of recycled bottles



Since our SS20 collection, we have been using 100% recycled bottle lining. It is in a muted, aquamarine shade and features a repeating pattern of our logo alongside recycled water bottles. To date, it has helped divert over 550,375 plastic bottles from entering landfills. This is just one way that we have chosen to be more sustainable as a brand and we don't plan on stopping there! 


5. Our Eco-Mood collection


Our Eco-Mood collection was created to explore innovative, low-impact materials and processes. Crafted with recycled vegan leather made from over 94,414 recycled plastic bottles, our Dark Oak, Sand and Wine colourways have minimized our environmental impact and helped us be kinder to the earth.

Shop a few of our most popular Eco-Mood pieces below: 


 Cora Backpack Small in Wine | Blake Jewelry Case in Sand | Emma Ziparound Wallet in Wine


6. Sustainable partnerships


We are proud to be climate positive through our partnership with Terrapass. Being climate positive means that with every order shipped, we actually create an environmental benefit by removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 

Through 1% for the Planet, we now donate at least 1% of all our sales to environmental causes. Our FAQ-style blog post is the best resource for all the news on this most recent sustainability initiative.


7. We give back to our community



One way we like to make a positive change is by giving back. We believe we can make a real, tangible difference in the quality of life on our shared planet. We are honoured to be able to donate and partner with a diverse range of community organizations including Girl Guides, One Tree Planted, the Humane Society, and more! 


8. Function and style


Whether it's convertible, tech-friendly, for travel or comes with a bag-in-a-bag, we design each of our pieces to look great and keep up with our customers' daily hustle. With features like removable straps and trolley sleeves, our bags are some of Oprah's Creative Director, Adam Glassman's, favourite workwear pieces for a reason.

Here are some of our current bestsellers, just to name a few: 



9. Ethical manufacturing


We uphold the highest ethical standards to ensure everyone at Pixie Mood receives fair wages and a safe work environment. We understand the importance of providing our customers with products that are produced in a legal and socially responsible manner. You can learn more about our Worker & Safety Rights from our Sustainability page.


10. Eco-friendly packaging



In 2020, we debuted our biodegradable, corn-based packaging as a sustainable alternative to plastic poly bags. Some of our products are also packaged in EPE foam to help protect them and retain their shape. Unlike standard foam, EPE foam is 100% recyclable — so please recycle your EPE foam after you unwrap your new bag!


11. Our Pixie Mood community 


We love our stylish and conscious community. We wouldn't be where we are today without you, and for that we couldn't be more thankful. Your support has always meant the world to our team and we deeply appreciate everyone that has supported us in making the world a kinder, more beautiful place. You are what makes us great!


Is there another reason that you would add to this list? Let us know why you love Pixie Mood below in the comments! 


Written by: Katie Ferreira



Katie Ferreira is the Social Media Specialist at Pixie Mood. Overseeing much of the team's communication and writing needs, she also manages and edits the blog. Outside of work, she loves reading, yoga and visiting the cottage in her downtime.