We are pleased to announce that Pixie Mood is live on our wholesale ordering system, JOOR! You can now place an order by visiting


From there, you will be able to place orders, track orders, view order history, view our newest linesheets much earlier than before, as well as some useful functionalities that will help you streamline your ordering process.


If you need an account, please navigate to https://jooraccess.com/retail_registration and create a retailer account. Once created, please send us a connection request and one of our team members will respond to your inquiry shortly.


Please send us a connection request and if you’re an existing retailer, your connection request will be accepted shortly.

Please reference JOOR’s Retailer Instruction Guide for step by step instructions to place an order directly online.

If you require further assistance, please feel free to contact JOOR at buyer@jooraccess.com.