Ida Card Case

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Ida Card Case


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Exactly what I was looking for and so happy that it's good for our Earth!

Maureen M.
Classy + happy wallet lady

This is likely TMI, but I had my last wallet for an embarrassingly long time. I got it as a teen and should have replaced it 19 years ago.
Needless to say, I was overthinking what my next wallet would be.
This is the PERFECT replacement. I live the internal accordion. It keeps things organized and forced me to get rid of unnecessary cards. It’s cute. The zipper is nice and smooth. And it’s great to feel like a classy adult when I bust out my wallet.

Rachelle D.
Love this little wallet!

I wanted to get a matching wallet for my new Caitlin purse and it is perfect! I love how small it is and it saves me so much space in my purse. I really like all of the several card slots and two pockets on each end. The only thing I would change is maybe one of the end pockets inside could have a tiny zipper to keep change and coins in. I don't carry a lot of coins but when I do, it's nice to have a zippered pocket so that they don't fall out. So far, I have my change in one of the end pockets and it hasn't fallen out yet though. So cute!

S T.
Cute and practical!

Holds a ton of cards and I prefer this style to the other kinds of wallets where the cards get tucked in (I struggle to get cards out with that style). There’s also some decent space for loose change or cash and the wallet fits perfectly in the Gianna bag that I purchased as well


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